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5 ideas for summer interior decoration

summer decorations

Summer is not far away, although it will look different this year. Let's hope that the warm days won't run out, but most of us will spend our dream holidays under a cloud in our own garden. How do you make this summer time more interesting? Discover 5 ideas for summer interior design.


How to brighten up the darkroom?

One good way to optically brighten up your interior and create a friendly space is to introduce bright accessories such as wall paintings or pillows. What decorations should you choose to avoid the overwhelming effect? Bright images on glass with a sunset motif will be a great choice! Sunsets are a universal decorative motif, which will make every space have an atmospheric atmosphere.
Summer sunsets in the mountains are most beautiful and leave most memories. So the first idea for a summer change of interior will be paintings with the motif of setting sun.

Vegetable motifs becoming increasingly popular

As the year 2020 has locked us in our homes, we are more and more willing to use live plants and plant motifs to decorate our interiors. The urban jungle is a new and increasingly popular decorating trend that will stay with us for a long time to come. So it is worth choosing the right wall paintings with a botanical motif for your living room and enjoy the omnipresent greenery in your own home.

Floral buds will brighten up the interior

Flower motifs are an absolute "must have" this season. Delicate and subtle flowers will soften the raw character of the interior and warm it up. Flowers are a feminine attribute, so they work very well in the living room or kitchen, which will take on optical lightness. It is also worthwhile to use them in the bedroom or child's room. Glass prints with a flower bud pattern are the perfect choice for the summer!

Intense colors will break the boredom

Intensive colours will overwhelm the interior, depriving it of character. However, if your interiors are kept in a bright, neutral tone, it's worth breaking this optical boredom with juicy purple or orange. How do I choose the right color additives for the best effect? Choose individual decorative accessories such as wall arts, pillows, couch covers or armchairs. Don't be afraid to experiment with bold colors! There's a huge potential in them.

The sea noise, birds singing or sea motifs in the living room

How do you deal with holiday madness that seems to be very far away? Sea decorations, such as acrylic paintings with a sea coast motif, decorative seashells or starfish, will help. Walrus climates can be very easily introduced into your interior, using pillowcases with an anchor, or the aforementioned wall arts. The view of water calms down and helps to collect thoughts. We hope you like our summer inspirations!

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