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Scandinavian Living Room Design: Ideas and arrangements

accessories for a Scandinavian-style living room

A space inspired by Scandinavia should be functional, characterized by harmony and freshness. Interiors designed in the Scandinavian style are characterized by austerity, but thanks to thoughtful accessories, the rooms become more aesthetic and cozy. We suggest how to arrange a living room in the spirit of Nordic houses.

Scandinavian style - simplicity and naturalness

The Scandinavian style is primarily thoughtful solutions for a simple life. It is based on naturalness and methods that will help to care for the environment. Nordic design is elegant, modern and practical. It is perfect to brighten up any space, regardless of its size.

The basic characteristic features of the Scandinavian style are also: neutral wall colors, wooden furniture highlighted with natural fabrics and lush vegetation.

Fashionable Scandinavian style living room - how to arrange it?

The perfect living room designed in a Scandinavian style will offer plenty of natural, bright light. In such a place, it is best to limit the number of curtains and try to plan the arrangement of the furniture so that the interior is more airy. Scandinavian arrangements of the living room also include cozy accessories, modern furniture and designer decorations with slightly industrial details.

Scandinavian style living room colors
Scandinavian style living room

Scandinavian style living room colors

Nordic-style houses use a natural color palette. These bright, austere spaces are clean and simple, but textures will make the room more atmospheric and cozy. The delicate color palette used in the Scandinavian living room will perfectly reflect the light coming through the window, thus optically enlarging the interior.

The colors of the walls in the Scandinavian style living room should be based on the shades of white, gray or green and blue. Such colors will be a great base for decorations with stronger tones.

 Scandinavian living room

Wallpapers with a delicate, geometric pattern also appear on the walls very often in Scandinavian salons. The use of such a decoration will allow you to quickly create an unusual atmosphere in the interior and break its ascetic appearance.

Functional furniture and minimalist accessories for a Scandinavian-style living room

The Nordic style lounge is tidy, open and inviting. Living room furnishings preserved in this aesthetic will be practical and simple, which makes buying it budget-friendly.

The Scandinavian style is bright colors, which is why most often in a living room designed in this concept, we can find furniture made of brighter, warmer varieties of wood, such as beech, ash or pine. However, it is important not to be afraid to use other shades of furniture as well. Accents in darker colors, such as black or brown, will wonderfully emphasize the space and add a touch of character.

Scandinavian style - simplicity and naturalness
Fashionable Scandinavian style living room

The focal point of the Scandinavian living room will be a white or gray sofa with a soft bedspread and a coffee table, often selected in contrasting colors. This combination will give the space an exclusive and sophisticated atmosphere.

The minimalist lighting fixtures in dark colors (hanging lamps and chandeliers) and simple wall elements, such as landscape paintings or black and white graphics, are also popular among lovers of Nordic space.

Natural materials and lush vegetation for a Scandinavian living room

There are many ways to create a Scandinavian atmosphere in your living room using original, natural accessories. The main thing is to make it as cozy and comfortable as possible.

For starters, think about thick woolen blankets with an interesting contrasting texture, jute or sheepskin rugs and fluffy pillows. Thanks to such additions, this minimalist style will be warm and inviting.

Scandinavian style living room

Windows are supposed to provide as much light as possible to the living room, so you should hang airy cotton curtains in them. Think of fabrics in pastel shades with delicate geometric elements.

A very important element of Scandinavian spaces is also lush vegetation. Thanks to its lush greenery, it breaks the ascetic look of the interior.

Hygge philosophy in the interior

Scandinavian living room, although it looks simple due to the small amount of furniture and accessories, it always looks friendly and comfortable. The key to creating such an attractive room is undoubtedly the use of a mixture of textures, a subdued color palette and space arrangement in accordance with the hygge concept - i.e. the Danish philosophy of happiness. This unique attitude to the world, convincing us of the legitimacy of limiting objects, is an excellent basis for creating a unique interior.

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