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Half moon mirror unique style

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Half moon mirror unique style
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Pattern: unique style
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25x28 in (63x70 cm)

25x28 in (63x70 cm) 28x32 in (70x80 cm) 29x36 in (74x90 cm) 33x39 in (84x100 cm)
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Introducing the half moon mirror. Perfectly suited for any wall, this versatile piece is a brilliant addition to your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or hallway. Its frameless design and unique shape immediately draw the eye, making it not just a mirror, but a statement piece. Available in a variety of sizes, from the intimate 63 cm to the expansive 100 cm, it offers the perfect fit for any space, ensuring that your home reflects your personal style in every way.

The unusual, designer style of this mirror acts as a pivotal focal point, half moon mirror is not just a choice, but a declaration of elegance and creativity. Elevate your home's aesthetic with this exquisite, eye-catching piece that promises to captivate attention and inspire admiration.

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Product Information

♦ Mirror made from perfectly smooth glass

♦ Polished glass edges

Shape: beveled, irregular

Mirror glass thickness: 4 mm

Mounting system: metal hangers + foam spacers

The back of the mirror (protective film) may differ in color from the one presented in the offer. This does not affect the quality of the product and is not a basis for complaint.