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Oval mirror without frame

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Oval mirror without frame
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Pattern: without frame
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15,74 x 27,55 in (40x70 cm)

15,74 x 27,55 in (40x70 cm) 18,11 x 31,49 in (46x80 cm) 20,47 x 35,43 in (52x90 cm) 22,83 x 39,37 in (58x100 cm)
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Introducing the exquisite Frameless Oval Mirror - an essential, versatile piece for every home. Elevate your interior design with this minimalist yet captivating mirror that seamlessly blends with both classic and modern aesthetics. Its oval shape and frameless design create a timeless, elegant character that complements any space. The Frameless Oval Mirror offers endless possibilities for your home. From bedrooms to living rooms, bathrooms to hallways, it effortlessly adds a decorative touch to any wall, infusing your space with a touch of sophistication. Its unique, elongated oval shape not only adds visual interest but also creates an illusion of spaciousness, making your room feel more open and inviting.

Available in sizes ranging from 40x70 cm to 58x100 cm, this mirror can be tailored to suit your needs and preferences. The sleek, universal style of the Frameless Oval Mirror caters to an array of interiors, giving you the freedom to experiment with different décor styles. 

So why wait? Embrace the beauty and versatility of the Frameless Oval Mirror today. Transform your walls into a statement of elegance and make your home truly stand out. Enhance your space with this striking piece, and let the Frameless Oval Mirror be the centerpiece of your interior design. Bring home the Frameless Oval Mirror and experience the difference it can make in your living space. Don't let the opportunity pass you by - purchase your very own Frameless Oval Mirror and bask in the splendor it brings to your interior.

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The back of the mirror (protective foil) may differ in color from what is shown in the offer. This does not affect the quality of the product and is not a basis for complaint.

How to prepare a mirror for installation:
1. Place the mirror on a stable, flat surface.
2. Clean, degrease, and dry the surface of the mirror where you will attach the hangers.
3. Remove the protective film from the adhesive on the metal hangers.
4. Attach the hangers to the dry and degreased surface of the mirror.
5. Caution: The hanger's full strength is achieved after 24 hours from its attachment. Wait 24
hours before hanging the mirror in the desired location.
6. Measure the distance between the centers of the previously attached hangers.
7. Mark the measured distance on the wall and, in the marked places, drill holes and insert
wall plugs.
8. Screw the hooks with the screws included in the set.
9. Hang the mirror by sliding it carefully from the top. Ready!