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Canvas print The ball sky net

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40x20 in (100x50 cm)

40x20 in (100x50 cm) 50x20 in (125x50 cm) 48x24 in (120x60 cm) 55x28 in (140x70 cm)
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The ball sky net is a high quality of modern wall decoration. It is perfect for various interiors. It is ideal to decorate an office, a flat in any kind of style and even a children's room. Focusing on The ball sky net you want to have a style and conscientious execution. That's what is the most important while arranging your flat. The ball sky net will make your flat look pretty. It will be arranged tastefully and elegant.

  • ✓ Digital printing technology friendly to you and the environment
  • ✓ High-quality materials
  • ✓ Perfectly reproduced details and extremely vivid colors
  • ✓ Thousands of beautiful and original designs
  • ✓ Easy to assemble and clean
  • ✓ Products suitable for any space