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Glass or wooden chopping board? Learn ways to effectively clean and get rid of unpleasant odors from kitchen boards

glass board for the kitchen

Chopping boards are an integral part of food preparation. It is difficult to imagine slicing meat or bread without a cutting board. Which chopping board to choose? This question raises many doubts that we hope to dispel in this post.

Glass vs wooden chopping boards: advantages and disadvantages 

The glass chopping board is made of approx. 4 mm thick tempered glass. Tempered glass is one of the most durable materials available on the market. As you know, any kitchen has unfavorable conditions, such as moisture and high temperatures. The glass boards are resistant to moisture and high temperatures, they will also work well as a pad for a hot pot. They are also easy to keep clean, after each cutting of raw meat, it is enough to wash them in the traditional way with a little detergent. The boards on the glass can survive several years of everyday use in an unchanged condition. Thanks to the variety of motifs, the boards made of tempered glass will match any kitchen decor. You can also use this cutting board as a wall protection against grease and dirt that arise during the preparation of dishes on the stove.

glass boards for kitchen
glass board for the kitchen
glass board for the kitchen

Wooden chopping boards are effective, ecological and have been used in every kitchen for a long time. Are they still as efficient as they used to be? Wooden chopping boards require impregnation in order to be used for a long time unchanged. It is also more difficult to clean their surface with running water alone, you often have to struggle to remove the remains of raw meat or vegetables that stuck to the board during cutting. Cleaning a wooden board can also be troublesome, especially when it already has grooves created by cutting. Wood is not resistant to high temperature and moisture, so it is good to dry the board immediately after each washing. Wooden boards are often used as decorative trays for snacks. Currently, the most fashionable wooden chopping boards are the natural ones, with rings, which are also a beautiful decoration of a Scandinavian kitchen.

What oil is suitable for the impregnation of a wooden cutting board?

A wooden cutting board must be impregnated so that it can serve as long as possible. No impregnation is required after each use, but it is a good idea to impregnate the board at least once a month. Which impregnation oil to choose? The most popular and easily available oil for impregnating wooden boards is rapeseed oil. It is enough to grease the board 24 hours before using it again. After 24 hours, clean the board with washing-up liquid and repeat or use it. Sometimes olive oil is also used for impregnation, but we do not recommend using coconut oil for this purpose.

glass board for the kitchen

How to remove mold from a cutting board?

Wooden chopping boards do not like moisture. However, it is not always possible to prevent the appearance of mold on the board. How to get rid of mold quickly? You can try to clean the wooden board with compressed air, then rub with vinegar. However, if the stains are still there or the mold is too deep, be sure to replace the board with a new one. Mold is a breeding ground for bacteria, so you shouldn't put your own health at risk.

How do I remove an unpleasant odor from a wooden chopping board?

Often, when cutting fish or raw meat, there is an unpleasant smell on the board. How can I get rid of it? Just use lemon juice or a solution of baking soda and water in the right proportions and scrub the board hard. The smell will disappear, the board will be refreshed. The disadvantage of this method, however, is that the wood fades due to scrubbing. You can only clean the wooden board with washing-up liquid, but this is not a guarantee of getting rid of the unpleasant odor.

glass boards for kitchen

How to store chopping boards?

Wooden cutting boards must be stored in a dry and safe place, away from moisture and high temperature. It can be stowed in a cupboard and only taken out when needed, or you can keep it on the counter. Glass boards can be stored anywhere, they are resistant to damage and moisture, so you can have them near the stove, on the counter, and even near the sink. Wooden boards are easier to damage, you also need to ensure their durability by properly securing them. Chopping boards are one of the most frequently used kitchen accessories every day. Choose your favorite one and become a cooking master in your own kitchen!

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