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How to arrange a small student's room - rented flat in a quick and cheap way

We arrange a rented apartment

When renting a room or flat, we try to find optimal living conditions. We pay attention to a small rent, convenient location, type of heating, but unfortunately, the aesthetics of the rented apartment is often pushed to the background. This is a problematic issue, because the apartment or room for a student belongs to the owner who arranged it according to his own intention, not necessarily in accordance with ours, and our interference in the interior design should be kept to a minimum. In today's article, we would like to present interesting inspirations on how to arrange such a rented apartment or room in a non-invasive, yet cheap and efficient manner. We invite you to read!

Door stickers will change your interior

Door stickers are an original and easy-to-install way to refresh any interior. They are perfect for covering the shortcomings of old shabby doors that we would prefer to cover or simply give them a new, more interesting look. It only takes a few moments to stick and unstick this decoration, so the landlord will not have any comments on this matter. There are various designs and sizes of such decals available on the market, so they can certainly be adapted to any type of door, matching a variety of styles. Thanks to designer wallpapers for doors, your room will gain a completely new character!

Wall paintings - decoration of the house

All kinds of paintings are a popular decoration used in interior design. Regardless of the previous arrangement, the paintings invariably decorate the walls of the house. By hanging them, you add a unique charm to your space - the atmosphere presented in the picture becomes noticeable in the room. However, when deciding on a given content, we should also pay attention to the material on which the image was captured. It is very important if we want to enjoy it for a long time.

Wall paintings for the home

In the student's room, canvas prints - painted on natural canvas - which impresses with its expressive texture, will be perfect. However, in rooms with increased humidity or the risk of staining, such as a bathroom or kitchen, we offer acrylic prints or glass prints that can be easily and safely cleaned, without fear of damaging the paints. In this way, your home will take on new colors and the walls will no longer be boring. And when you are moving out, you can take your universal decorations with you.

Wallpapers - a fantastic way to create a new wall

If you feel your room is monotonous and lacks a clear center, consider using a wall mural. Thanks to it, you will completely change the look of an old room, gaining a radiant and lively effect. Self-adhesive wallpapers are extremely convenient to assemble and disassemble, so the owner of your apartment should not mind. Let a sunny beach, a flowery meadow or an atmospheric coniferous forest come to your room!

Glass wall clocks - a practical decoration

Student rooms are usually small. In one place, we should arrange a study space, a bed for sleeping and a relaxation zone - it is not easy to reconcile all of these. That is why it is worth focusing on compact solutions, combining various aspects in one element. glass wall clock will be the perfect gadget for a small apartment. It not only shows the time, but also shows any image on its easy-to-clean glass dial. By using this type of decoration, you will add splendor to your apartment in a practical way and at the same time ensure your punctuality.

Spice up your kitchen with glass boards!

It is also worth adding a pinch of original design to our kitchen. Often, landlords treat this room neglectfully, focusing primarily on the living rooms and bedrooms. On the other hand, sometimes it is enough to add a little color to the cooking space. These include, for example, a glass board with an interesting picture printed on it. It can be juicy fruit or a picturesque landscape - it's up to you what you choose and how you want to stimulate your appetite. Everything is conveniently cut on glass boards and then easy to clean. In addition, the smell of sliced ​​food products does not penetrate the surface of the board, which means it will always remain fresh and clean.

Glass kitchen boards

There are a lot of proven tricks and original ideas for arranging a room for a student or a whole apartment. You don't need a major renovation right away to visually refresh a monotonous flat. Sometimes a skilled eye of a decorator and useful gadgets in your favorite colors are enough to make our house surprise with its style and good taste.

We encourage all tenants to boldly experiment and play with space!

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