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How to frame a picture?

how to frame the picture

In the past, paintings were associated only with high art, and now they are one of the most-used decorative elements, which can be easily adapted to various arrangements. The frames are also important - a picture on canvas framed, which is well suited to the interior, is a fashionable and stylish accessory that can enhance the entire arrangement. How to frame a picture so that it looks attractive and, above all, tasteful?

Painting on canvas - how to fit the frame correctly?

Regardless of whether you choose simple graphics or works of the impressionists, a frame that is well suited to the image is the basis of its appearance. Stylish picture frames are an extension of the work itself, so their choice should not be accidental, which does not mean that you have to be original. Framing paintings on canvas should combine the character of the work with the character of the interior - the frame is not always necessary, but it can also be a perfect complement.

Precisely because the picture in the frame looks interesting and creates a coherent whole, it is worth choosing the right frame. Appropriate, that is consistent with ... our sense of aesthetics and style that best fits the interior.

How to frame a picture yourself?

Framing a picture yourself is nothing complicated. It is worth being careful - do not lean on the canvas of the picture when placing it in the frame, do not drag the frame over the picture. If the frame is to fit perfectly, it's obvious that you need to pay attention to its dimensions, as well as to the dimensions of the painting. Please note that the frame may have internal and external dimensions. It is the interior that corresponds to the dimensions of the painting.

how to frame a picture

How to frame a picture in a modern style?

Usually a frame is something that surrounds the canvas and marks the boundary of the picture. However, art is moving forward, it goes beyond its… framework, still surprising with new trends. Currently, there are many ways to effectively frame a picture on a canvas. One of them is the purchase of a frame larger than the work of art, creating, as it were, two perspectives of the picture and a multidimensional composition. Such a solution is perfect for modern works, with strong lines, expressive and avant-garde.

Of course, there are also a few rules to keep in mind. In the case of canvas paintings, it is worth paying attention to how they are finished - whether the painting reaches the very edge of the stretcher or has a margin left. If the image has an unpainted margin, a frame is needed that covers the edges and thus perfectly fits the image size. However, if it covers the entire canvas, including the edges - you can go crazy with the size of the frame.

Framing a picture is like giving it a new meaning. Therefore, in the case of modern works of art, which leave a lot of room for interpretation, you can be tempted to various variations and hang the frame e.g. askew, diagonally, and place a picture smaller than it in the middle.

How to frame acrylic painting?

Paintings on canvas painted with acrylic paints are usually light and delicate. For delicate paintings characterized by pastel colors and an impressionistic character, it is worth choosing an equally subtle frame that will not overwhelm the work. In the case of stronger accents in the painting, the frame should also remain delicate so as not to create the impression of being too heavy.

how to frame an acrylic painting

Framing acrylic paintings is not a necessity as long as they are properly finished. However, through the frame, you can make the work more attractive or add aesthetics to it. As for the colors of the picture frames - their shade should match the shade of the picture. It does not have to be the dominant color - a small starting point is enough to create a coherent, elegant whole.

The frame itself can be an ornament, but it should never be more attractive than the painting itself. How to frame a painting so that it looks good? If it is difficult to match the style of the frame and the picture, you should be guided by simplicity - a completely classic, simple frame fits any picture and will always defend itself.

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