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Wall decorations

Nude art for modern living spaces

A unique home decor that reflects our personality is an important part of any project. The use of nude images is a trend in contemporary design. Art prints depicting tasteful figures of women and men in various positions and moments of undressing have become a bold declaration of our individual style and taste.

How to arrange a loft-style living room? Ideas and inspirations

The loft style is a unique combination of vintage aesthetics and modern design. The harmony between these two elements creates surprising and unique arrangements that will be appreciated by people who prefer large spaces and creative mixtures. In today's article, we will tell you how to design a loft-style living room so that the interior, despite its size, is cozier.

Scandinavian Living Room Design: Ideas and arrangements

A space inspired by Scandinavia should be functional, characterized by harmony and freshness. Interiors designed in the Scandinavian style are characterized by austerity, but thanks to thoughtful accessories, the rooms become more aesthetic and cozy. We suggest how to arrange a living room in the spirit of Nordic houses.

A boho style living room - arrangements and inspirations for an artistic makeover of the interior

The boho style is extremely diverse, at times surprising and intriguing. We will advise you how to arrange a boho style living room so that you can feel the essence of this unique aesthetic in it: creativity, enthusiasm and lightness of life.


Pictures for bedroom and living room - what theme, type and size of the print will be suitable for your interior?

Wall paintings are a fashionable and modern addition to interior design. It is worth using them in the everyday styling of the living room and bedroom. Which motif, type and size of the painting will be suitable for your interior? What to avoid and what will be fashionable this season?


Photo prints for the bedroom and living room - check out modern and original arrangements and be inspired to change!

Photo pictures are one of the most popular interior decorations. They are original, and thanks to the high-quality print, they become a beautiful decoration of the bedroom or living room.

How to arrange a small bedroom? Check out our ideas!

Are you moving into an apartment where your big dreams are to be enclosed in narrow walls? No nerves! We will tell you how to arrange a small bedroom in an unconventional style. We will advise you on what to reach for and what not to do. It will be short and succinctly- no way to fall asleep while reading!

How to frame a picture?

In the past, paintings were associated only with high art, and now they are one of the most-used decorative elements, which can be easily adapted to various arrangements. The frames are also important - a picture on canvas framed, which is well suited to the interior, is a fashionable and stylish accessory that can enhance the entire arrangement.

How to arrange a small student's room - rented flat in a quick and cheap way

When renting a room or flat, we try to find optimal living conditions. We pay attention to a small rent, convenient location, type of heating, but unfortunately, the aesthetics of the rented apartment is often pushed to the background.