Glass splashbacks - Animals Page 12

Animal motifs on a glass splashbacks for kitchen: cats, dogs, horses and many more

In our gallery of glass panels for the kitchen, prepared specially for animal aficionados, we've gathered motifs related to various animals. They feature household animals such as dogs or cats. But also farm animals, primarily beautiful horses, as well as many types of wild animals. It is obvious that cats and dogs are closest to us, because we surround ourselves with them at our homes. That is why we've prepared many uniquely attractive glass splashbacks for the kitchen presenting dogs or cats. Animals at different ages and of various breeds, individual or in groups, will surely be liked by dog or cat aficionados.

The case is similar with horses which are also inseparably related to man. Glass panels for the kitchen presenting horses galloping across fields or feeding on pastures may constitute a great idea for decorating kitchen walls. Glass splashbacks presenting fish or maritime motifs are especially attractive. The blue water and extraordinary colors of sea fish, additionally intensified with the shining of glass, make it look as if there was an aquarium standing on our kitchen wall. Glass splashbacks for the kitchen presenting wild animals are very diverse. Exotic African animals on the Savannah, or our familiar animals in the woods. They all have their own charm and constitute a great kitchen decoration.