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Canvas print Feldstraße 3d door

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40x20 in (100x50 cm)

40x20 in (100x50 cm) 50x20 in (125x50 cm) 48x24 in (120x60 cm) 55x28 in (140x70 cm)
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A creative flat can't do without creative accessories such as Feldstraße 3d door. Nowadays, we like decorating the walls with something more than framed family photos. Decorating your walls with the use of Feldstraße 3d door is a pleasure supported by modern technology of printing. It allows us to transform and diversify the bedroom, the study or the living room in an outstanding way. Feldstraße 3d door is a solution for interior designs of the 21st century.

  • ✓ Digital printing technology friendly to you and the environment
  • ✓ High-quality materials
  • ✓ Perfectly reproduced details and extremely vivid colors
  • ✓ Thousands of beautiful and original designs
  • ✓ Easy to assemble and clean
  • ✓ Products suitable for any space