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How to arrange a small bedroom? Check out our ideas!

how to arrange a small bedroom

Are you moving into an apartment where your big dreams are to be enclosed in narrow walls? No nerves! We will tell you how to arrange a small bedroom in an unconventional style. We will advise you on what to reach for and what not to do. It will be short and succinctly- no way to fall asleep while reading!

How to decorate a bedroom - good advice always included

When we think about how to decorate a bedroom, we often don't realize the power of the color that is supposed to appear on the walls. And this one matters! The colors of the walls that can decorate a modern bedroom in a block of flats or a larger house are primarily the types listed below.

  • Blue - associated with safety and introducing a pleasant calm. However, you have to choose the right shades - blue can cool the interior a lot, and nobody wants to hear about "freezing the atmosphere" in the bedroom!
  • White - classic, universal, always fashionable and appropriate. It matches all colors of furniture and puts colorful accessories in the foreground. It loves minimalist interiors, but also fits into a boho atmosphere. It's timeless, but it's also hard to keep clean!
Bedroom decoration
Bedroom decoration
Bedroom decoration
Bedroom decoration
Bedroom decoration
  • Green - recently gaining popularity. Most often we use a bottle-green shade, combining it with black and gold. It is a beautiful combination, but we recommend it for larger spaces where the sun is often present. Otherwise, we may overload the room.
  • Pink - very girly and cute. Although it helps to relieve stress and soothes the soul, you need to reach for it with due caution - especially if there will also be a representative of the male world in the bedroom!
  • Gray - one of the most popular colors in contemporary interiors. It is hardly surprising - it is elegant and quite universal. It fits well in combinations with white and black furniture. It does not mind colorful accessories. Similarly, as in the case of blue, let's rather opt for its warmer shades. It is also good to combine gray with the white of the other walls - especially when it comes to arranging a small bedroom.

The colors for a small bedroom should be rather subdued - we recommend the earth tones that experience a real rebirth and delicate pastels. For fans of stronger accents, a good solution may be, for example, wall murals that will make the interior more dynamic and original, but at the same time combined with bright colors will not make the room look smaller.

When looking for ideas for a small bedroom, let's also bear in mind the specificity of our apartment. If it is a dark room, let's give up equally deep colors. Additionally, it is worth playing with the form and materials - for example, glossy fronts reflect light well, making the room brighter.

how to arrange a small bedroom

A small bedroom with a wardrobe can be equipped with a sliding door with mirrors - this is a proven way to visually enlarge the room and the comfort of our use - the problem of space for a mirror hung on the wall is eliminated. And you always know that you look good! After the appropriate introduction, we can go to the specifics ...

How to arrange a small square bedroom?

Are you standing in the middle of a square room that is going to become your dream bedroom and you don't know what to do with it? We already know - and we will be happy to help! First of all, you have reasons to be happy - this room is very shapely and offers many arrangement possibilities! You can put your bed and wardrobes in almost any way you want, as long as the space allows.

Our proposal? Your peaceful haven in everyday life!

We paint the colors of the walls of a small square bedroom in a delicate beige in a warm shade. This color loves white door frames, doors and a bed of the same color. You can also choose a more unconventional wallpaper in a shade of beige with a very delicate, white motif. They will apply it on one of the walls. Furniture for a small bedroom does not have to be clichéd and characterless - oh no! We offer you, for example, a modern bed with a metal, more decorative frame. It is light in the form of expression, and in small spaces it is very important!

how to arrange a small bedroom

In order to diversify the colors, you can choose the sophisticated color of the furniture - for example a turquoise wardrobe (it's good if you manage to match the glossy fronts with it) or a chest of drawers. If you arrange a small bedroom - the latter can also function as a bedside table!

The walls in the bedroom are a good place for posters and paintings. Hang them in the cloud created on the basis of different sizes of frames or opt for minimalist floral motifs on canvas. Necessarily in colors matching those used in the room - to maintain a harmonious climate. Just a jute rug and it's ready!

How to arrange a small bedroom in a block of flats in a fashionable style?

A small bedroom in a block of flats may turn out to be your great kingdom of night secrets and pleasant mornings. You wonder how to arrange it to become a favorite place in your apartment? We advise.

We paint the walls white. However, there is no question of boredom - even a narrow bedroom in a block of flats can be arranged in an unconventional way. Our recipe? Interesting wall mural! We offer a romantic peonies. A fan of more minimalist designs will probably be great in the company of honeycomb geometry. For those always looking for the most fashionable motifs - invariably monstera bows at the waist.

how to arrange a small bedroom

As you can see, the walls in the bedroom (the inspirations presented above are just a drop in the ocean of possibilities!) Can be accented and completely change their character. But let it always be in your style - this is a priceless sense of comfort. Are you not convinced that the wallpaper will work in your space? Stay true to the colors of the earth and decorate one of the walls with a painting in subdued colors.

Furniture for a small bedroom - no matter which wall mural you decide on, it's best to keep it in bright colors - white or birch will be perfect. Monstera has a weakness for black - we do not advise choosing a large wardrobe in this shade - it could burden the space. However, the bed frame should be up to the task and contrast beautifully with the dark greens of the leaves. Gold will also work in this arrangement of a small bedroom - play with accents and add a pinch of wealth to the space.

Then live and sleep with pleasure!

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