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Nude art for modern living spaces

nude art

A unique home decor that reflects our personality is an important part of any project. The use of nude images is a trend in contemporary design. Art prints depicting tasteful figures of women and men in various positions and moments of undressing have become a bold declaration of our individual style and taste.

What to consider when buying nude art?

Nudes have been part of art since ancient times. Over the centuries, they have evolved in different forms and for different purposes - from the object of worship in ancient Greece to the images banned by the Vatican in the 16th century. Nowadays, such naked prints should not be confused with photos that can be found in magazines. Nude paintings are often exhibited in homes and businesses with a high level of taste and sophistication. Correct selection and execution of erotic images can create a beautiful contrast between a bold theme and a more subtle interior design.

When buying sensual paintings, it is important first of all to consider their size and colors. You need to be sure that you are buying a combination of sizes and colors that will suit the needs of your future décor.

nude paintings

The technique of execution and the places where the picture is hung are also very important. Nude paintings for the bedroom will have a different character and undertone, and they will look different in a modern living room.

The most popular nude paintings in interiors

What else should be considered before buying a painting with an act? It is worth looking at the most popular motifs of such decorations. Thanks to them, you will be able to create your own nude art gallery at home.

Female nude paintings

In the past, people had to go to an art gallery or museum to view nude art. But now, along with the growing demand for wall decorations, we observe an increase in the number of people willing to buy female nudes presented in graphics. It cannot be denied that there is something in this genre of art that is very popular and attractive to many people.

Nude images, on the one hand, show the beauty of the body and the untamed nature of women, and on the other hand, leave a lot of room for the imagination. Such decorative elements can become a unique decoration of a bedroom, and in a subtle version, they will also perfectly match a modern living room. A female nude can become an excellent decoration proposal to break routine and boredom in any interior.

Modern nudes images

Modern paintings on canvas are an interesting way to beautify a room. Nude paintings in a more modern version will fantastically fit into avant-garde spaces as well as those designed in an industrial or loft style.

nude prints

It is also worth paying attention to the reproductions of original works of art by outstanding painters, which have been modernized thanks to additional graphic elements and printed on innovative materials. Images printed on durable materials will please our eye for much longer.

Hand-painted nudes

Due to the growing interest in erotic paintings, more and more painters decide to sell this type of art. Hand-painted nude with a visible texture will look great in a bedroom, living room, and even in commercial / corporate spaces, but only if they are kept in good taste.

Regardless of the act in the picture - provocative or sensual - it will undoubtedly bring a lot of emotions into the interior. It will have a different meaning in a common space - such as a living room, another in a bedroom, where the atmosphere is more intimate and reflective. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the category of sensual paintings in our store and choose the one that will best fit your home decor.

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