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Pictures for bedroom and living room - what theme, type and size of the print will be suitable for your interior?

paintings for the bedroom and living room

Wall paintings are a fashionable and modern addition to interior design. It is worth using them in the everyday styling of the living room and bedroom. Which motif, type and size of the painting will be suitable for your interior? What to avoid and what will be fashionable this season?

Types of prints on the wall - which one to choose?

Glass pictures are made of tempered glass, resistant to scratches, high temperature and moisture. This type of paintings is recommended for the kitchen and bathroom - the most demanding rooms when it comes to their arrangement. Persistent moisture in the bathroom will not damage the image on the glass, and neither will the high temperatures in the kitchen. Thanks to the scratch resistance, the glass painting will remain unchanged for a long time.

What picture should you choose for your living room?

Acrylic paintings are definitely lighter than glass paintings, so they draw more easily and are not so resistant to harmful conditions in the kitchen or bathroom. Paintings on acrylic glass will be an original decoration of a living room or bedroom. Suspended out of the reach of small children, they will not scratch or damage. Acrylic prints are lighter than glass pictures, so they can be hung on load-bearing walls without fear.

picture for the living room
fashionable painting for the living room
modern painting for the living room

Which painting should I choose for my bedroom?

Canvas prints are light and do not require the use of frames - to the touch they resemble traditional linen. These three advantages make them the best decoration in a child's room. Even if the painting falls off the wall, which is rarely the case, it is light enough not to be damaged. Modern canvas paintings will also work well in the bedroom, above the bed. Due to their ergonomic design, installation takes only a few minutes and takes up little space on the wall. Children like colors, so it is worth paying attention to the motifs in intense colors. Both floral patterns and abstractions will work in the bedroom. If your bedroom is decorated in a Scandinavian style, introduce a breakthrough color that will add character to the interior.

fashionable painting for the bedroom
photo pictures for bedroom and living room
modern painting for the bedroom

3d bedroom paintings - a new dimension of decoration

3D decorations can be used in an interior in various ways, also as pictures on the wall. Such paintings are especially recommended for small rooms that lack depth. This inconspicuous procedure will often allow you to optically enlarge the space. A proposal for those who, above all, appreciate a romantic atmosphere - sensual paintings for the bedroom - will bring a bit of spice to the interior. 3d paintings for a bedroom with a flower motif is definitely a proposition for a teenager's bedroom.

Black and white paintings for the bedroom

The fashion for contrasting colors has been going on continuously for several years. The combination of black and white is especially recommended, as it is considered one of the most elegant color combinations. No wonder, the interiors love contrasts. Black and white paintings will look good both in the bedroom, as well as in the living room or kitchen. Abstract, contrasting accents are something for minimalists who most often use black and white in everyday interior styling.

painting for the bedroom

Paintings in frames for the living room

Frame images are definitely a thing for traditionalists. Beautiful, painted portraits or landscapes will complement the shabby chic or vintage interior styling. We live in times when things from the so-called second-hand, they are becoming more and more important in interior decoration. Retro furnitures, crystals and armchairs gain a second life in a vintage-style living room or bedroom. If you have grandparents' furniture in your collection, try to use them in interior styling. In a living room decorated in such a way, the pictures within the frames ensure retro chic and elegance!

Modern paintings for the living room

On the one hand, vintage styling is still in vogue, on the other hand, the trend of interior design in a modern style is clearly visible. What accessories and decorations should you choose for a modern living room? The modern style uses unusual material combinations, such as a wicker table with a glass top or a metal structure with a wood top. 

decorative elements for the living room

The modern style is dominated by simple forms such as rectangles or squares. There is no room for glamor and rich accessories in it. Simple, loft style, without sophisticated patterns. Recently, decorations made of metal (usually shiny aluminum) have started to appear in salons, which in combination with white or cream surroundings are tasteful and elegant. Pictures for the living room in a modern atmosphere are rather subdued, kept in a neutral range of colors. Choose glass or acrylic paintings for a living room decorated in this style.
Get inspired and create a unique interior in which you will feel comfortable.

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